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Standard Application Process -
Larger Construction Contract Performance &/or Payment Bonds

Print, complete and return:

* Questionnaire Form
* Personal Financial Statement Form
* Bond Request Form
* Work on Hand Schedule Form
* Current Company Financial Statement - (Click here for "Tips" on statements)
* Company/Owner Tax Return(s) (Only first few pages of each)

Similar application material IS acceptable. Providing information on our forms is not necessary to obtain bonds. Feel free to simply fax everything to 800-266-3770 at any hour. We make every effort to provide new accounts with contract bonds in as little time as possible. The additional items listed below are RECOMMENDED, if available. Providing them is helpful towards maximizing your bonding capacity, eliminating any collateral requirement you presently have and reducing the cost of bonds:
* Prior Year Ending(s) Company Financial(s)
* Most Current Interim Company Financial
* Proof of Insurance (Declaration Sheet Only)
* Company Brochures/Pamphlets/Literature
* Latest Available Bank/Brokerage Statement(s)
* Real Estate Schedule Listing
* Resume Form
* Business/Continuity Plan (Click for how to create one)

Note: Bonding is available without the above! Sometimes some of the above is needed, sometimes it is never asked for. We recommend that you send us any of the above you have available. The more you can give us, the more tools we have to present your qualifications to bond companies. Time is important! Send us what you can right now. Make it a point to send missing items later.

(IMPORTANT: Opening up documents may take a moment to open depending upon factors such as your internet and/or computer's speed)
- Problems viewing/opening
Documents? You might want to Get Acrobat Reader since it's free!

" Don't delay, get set up for bonds today! "

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve YOUR best interests and personal bonding objectives.

For immediate assistance, call now!
The Bond Connection
Voice - 800.298.4826 Fax - 800.266.3770
If you are calling from anywhere except CA, NV or AZ
Voice - 949.248.1543 Fax - 949.248.2302

Email: bondconnection@bondconnection.com

Serving California, Arizona & Nevada CA - #0707455 AZ - #30395 NV - #43528

does not sell or otherwise transfer any of its database information to other entities which will market to you.? All information furnished by you to THE BOND CONNECTION is held in the strictest of confidence.

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