Getting a bond for $750,000
has never been so fast or so easy!
No financial statements are needed!

How to Get Started

Complete, sign and return one of our many “Credit Check Only” program applications offering bid, performance, & payment bonds on projects under $750,000:


Have trouble deciding which application to use? Feel free to call us to determine what is best for your company!

If a Bid Bond is Needed

Return application with any special bid bond form. Public entities usually require a bid bond to be on their special bid bond form, if any. We also suggest that you send us at least the title page of the bid specs.

If a Payment and/or Performance Bond is needed

Return with any special bond form(s), bid info and/or specs, PO (Purchase Order), contract agreement, etc.

Email the application to (scan first, PDF version preferred).

That’s all there is to it!

We respond immediately and can approve you in hours so you get bonds as soon as possible!

* Bonds for larger projects may require additional paperwork
* Available in all 50 states.
* Bid Bonds are free!
* Performance and/or payment bonds are 3% of the contract price when these credit check-only applications are turned in. To lower costs, provide financial statements, and more.