Serving California, Arizona, and Nevada contractors’ construction surety bid, performance, and payment bond needs since 1985.

With our access to numerous bond companies, contractors of all sizes and trades gain access to the lowest rates, the fastest service, higher bonding capacity, and the most professional advice for success. Construction contractors make more money with our help getting their contract surety bid, performance, and labor/material payment bonds!

Serving California, Arizona, and Nevada contractors’ construction surety bid, performance, and payment bond needs since 1985.

What We Do

Underwriting and representing the construction industry’s contract bonding needs since 1985. Extensive familiarity and participation in the contract surety bond industry and credit process and extending functions. Participation in the management process, including estimating, bidding, building, and cost control systems. Knowledge of construction contracts and contract law. Awareness of local, regional, and national construction markets and trends. Familiarity with accounting and finance, with particular emphasis on the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Audit Guide for Construction Accounting. An ability to analyze financial statements, work-on-hand schedules, and cash flow. Experience in strategic planning and management practices that promote successful contracting. Well respected and access to basically all United States domiciled surety bond companies.

* Assesses available operation, history, and management qualifications and makes suggestions/recommendations for improvement.

* Assists in the proper selection, or “marrying” of an appropriate surety bond company to the principal’s size, needs, and/or aspirations.

* Creates and maintains a strong bond between the principal and surety.

* Negotiates a responsible bonding capacity suitable to both the surety and principal alike.

* Maintains clear communication, reporting, and a mutually beneficial relationship between the surety and principal.

* Provides professional strategic advice to both surety and principal that supports both, albeit separated, objectives.

* Facilitates the role of the bond company by acting on its behalf in order to provide faster, more reliable, and more professional service to the construction industry.

* Supports and promotes the relationship between the principal and surety in order for it to grow and prosper.


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