To receive Performance & Payment bonds at lower rates for your company, you’ll want to at least send over the below:
Print, complete and return:

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    * Questionnaire Form

    * Personal Financial Statement Form

    * Bond Request Form

    * Work on Hand Schedule Form

    * Current Company Financial Statement – (Click here for “Tips” on statements)
    * Company/Owner Tax Return(s) (Only first few pages of each)

    Similar application material IS acceptable. Providing information on our forms is not necessary to obtain bonds. Feel free to simply fax or email everything at any hour.

    The additional items listed below are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, if available, to assist in getting the lowest rate. Providing them is also helpful towards maximizing your bonding capacity and eliminating any collateral requirement you may have previously been required to provide:

    * Prior Year Ending(s) Company Financial(s)
    * Most Current Interim Company Financial
    * Proof of Insurance (Declaration Sheet Only)
    * Company Brochures/Pamphlets/Literature
    * Latest Available Bank/Brokerage Statement(s)
    * Real Estate Schedule Listing
    Resume Form
    * Business/Continuity Plan (Click for how to create one)