We select surety bond companies by their highly-rated, treasury-listed credentials. Some are suited for large contractors. Others are more interested and responsive to the needs of smaller contractors. Matching the philosophies of bond companies with construction contractors is our specialty. We continually monitor the surety marketplace and our carriers for any change in credentials or philosophies that may affect our contractor clients. Our variety of available sureties will provide your company with more capacity for growth.

Markets we have access to:

* ACSTAR Insurance Company
* American Contractors Indemnity Company
* American Fire & Casualty Company
* American Safety Casualty Insurance Company
* Arch Contractors & Developers Group
* Arch Insurance Company
* Arch Insurance Group
* CNA Surety
* Federal Insurance Company
* Financial Pacific Insurance Company
* First National Insurance Company of America
* General Insurance Company of America
* Great American Insurance Company
* Hartford
* HCC Surety Group
* International Fidelity Insurance Company
* Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
* Ohio Casualty Insurance Company
* Old Republic Surety Company
* Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company
* ProCentury Insurance Company
* Safeco Surety
* St. Paul
* Star Insurance Company
* Travelers
* United Fire
* U.S. Specialty Insurance Company
* Western Surety Company
* Zurich American Insurance Company

Bond companies, (such as those listed above), desire to be included on the US Department of Treasury’s list of corporate sureties. To maintain a listing, bond companies must annually file their qualifications. The US Department of Treasury then sets a maximum single project limitation each is authorized for on US federal projects. Public and private bodies, such as those listed here, pay attention to this important qualification.

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* You may also click here for an A.M. BEST Rating, a value used in rating insurance companies.